Machine Learning Engineer

Ukraine, remote ● full-time

Petcube, Inc. is a leading technology company that keeps people connected with their pets. It has emerged as a technology leader, claiming a new category of Connected Pet that’s defined at the intersection of Connected Home and Pet Care.

We are looking to hire a passionate Machine Learning Engineer to join our engineering team that is making technology indistinguishable from magic by connecting pets to the internet and giving them a voice.


  • As a Machine Learning Engineer, you will be responsible for processing, analyzing, and visualizing complex data sets to provide valuable insights to the company’s leadership team.
  • You will systematically improve the performance of models (for Computer Vision and Audio Processing) if needed.
  • You will be responsible for initial and ongoing vital data collection for key projects.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, or a related field.
  • 3+ years of experience in data analysis, data science, or a related field.
  • Strong knowledge of SQL, Python, R, and other data analysis and visualization tools.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills Ability to work collaboratively with business stakeholders and cross-functional teams.
  • Experience with machine learning algorithms and statistical modeling techniques.
  • Ability to conduct research and experiments to improve the performance of AI/ML models (especially related to Computer Vision and Audio Processing).
  • Experience with Python API tools and Docker building is a plus.
  • Knowledge and experience with generative models is a plus.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills.
  • English upper-intermediate


  • Collect, process, and analyze large and complex data sets using SQL, Python, R, and other tools and technologies.
  • Develop data visualizations and reports to communicate insights and findings to stakeholders.
  • Continuously monitor/evaluate model performance and re-train if needed.
  • Perform statistical analysis and modeling to identify data trends, patterns, and anomalies.
  • Provide actionable insights and recommendations to support business decisions.
  • Develop and maintain data pipelines and automated workflows to improve data collection and processing efficiency.
  • Construction of mathematical risk assessment models.
  • Creation of a forecasting and scoring model.


  • A demanding and satisfying startup environment that facilitates rapid personal growth, fueled by a fusion of Silicon Valley Engineering culture and the founding team’s work ethics.
  • A team of passionate professionals whom you will be excited to get on a Zoom call every day.
  • We only work with people who are excited and take pride in the work they do.
  • Compensation for medical insurance.

    Petcube makes the best pet cameras and software, connecting people to their pets. Our products enable people to watch, talk to, play with, and feed pets remotely while keeping their pets safe and healthy. So if you are interested and believe you might be a fit for this position, please apply.
    One one-page cover letter in English on why you want to join our team with details about yourself is welcome.