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Ali Smith is a dog lover and a cat enthusiast who enjoys writing about all things pet related.

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— Ali Smith
Ollie's Co-Founder On Delivering Human-Grade Food To Your Dog

Gabby Slome, co-founder and CEO of gourmet dog food startup on meeting your dog's nutritious needs and choosing the right food for your pup. »

— Ali Smith
Puppy’s First Year Stages of Development: Tips from Trupanion

Most dogs are considered puppies from birth to one year of age. Learn about the several distinct stages of puppy development and care requirements for each of them. »

— Ali Smith
St. Patty's Frozen DIY Dog Treats

A quick and easy DIY dog treats recipe to get your pooch into the lucky spirit. »

— Ali Smith
Celebrities Love Petcube Bites

Petcube heads to Hollywood to hand out Petcube Bites to some of the celebrity pet moms and dads so they could monitor and reward their pets while on set. »

— Ali Smith
Petcube Parents Love Their Pets More

How will pet parents celebrate V-Day with their pets? How much will they spend? And who are the top celebrity pet moms and dads? »

— Ali Smith
15 Free Apps For Dog Owners

The right app can help you do more with your dog. These free apps are great for dog walking and sitting, health and safety, sociazlizing, adoption, and fun! »

— Ali Smith
Petcube App Enables Videos, Hashtags And Mentions

Petcube app is a powerful networking tool for pet parents. And with the new update, it will become even more social, adding videos, hashtags, and mentions. »

— Ali Smith
Unleashing Petcube Bites Treat Camera

Are you looking for a perfect solution for your lonely or naughty pet? Petcube Bites pet cam allows you to watch, talk, and reward your pet remotely. »

— Ali Smith
7 Critical Pet Fire Safety Tips

Household pets are responsible for over 1,000 house fires each year in the United States. Follow these tips to keep your pet and home safe from fire. »

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