Tips & Treats (38 posts)

— Rachel Youens
DIY Doggy Donuts
— Ali Smith
10 All-Important Kitten Supplies [Infographic]

The number of items to take good care of a kitten could fill a mansion. Here's a list of essentials to start. »

— Rachel Youens
Healthy Ways to Treat your Dog or Cat

Can a treat be healthy? Find out about the best treats for your dog, natural cat treats, and more in this article that explores your pet's snack options. »

— Rachel Youens
Top Valentine's Day Gifts To Share With Your Pet
— Gene Ryan Briones
8 Pet Supplies for People Who Love to Travel

We all love to travel. But traveling can be challenging when you have a pet. Check out these pet supplies for people who love to travel. »

— Brad Wells
The Comprehensive Gift Guide For Pet Parents
— Gene Ryan Briones
6 Supplies for Senior Pets

In addition to making sure they’re getting their daily dose of TLC, buy some really good supplies for senior pets. Here are 6 supplies for senior pets. »

— Gene Ryan Briones
19 Purrfect Pet Gifts This Holiday Season

A good pet deserves something super special this Christmas. Don’t know what to buy? We got your back. Here are the best pet gifts for the holiday season. »

— Rachel Youens
Twitchy Kitty Syndrome: Why Some Kitties Wear Clothes
— Gene Ryan Briones
5 Tasty Holiday Foods Your Pet Can Eat

Before you go bonkers in prepping the delish Thanksgiving meal, don’t forget Fido and Felix. Here are 5 tasty Thanksgiving foods that your pet can eat. »

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