If you have been with your dog for most of their life, you may already know everything about them from the shape of their paws to the sound of their bark and even the smell of their breath!

But did you know that, just like us humans, dogs have dreams too!

I was surprised when I learned about this! What do dogs dream about? Are they thinking about delicious canine treats while they’re asleep? Are they dreaming about playing with the other dogs in the park?

sleeping dog

A group of Harvard psychologists figured out what is going on in our dogs’ minds while they are catching some zzzz’s.

It turns out that dogs often dream about the most important people in their lives.

That is probably the most touching thing I have ever read! After the article was published in People’s Magazine, people on the Internet went crazy posting photos of their pet canines tucked in bed next to photos of their weeping faces.

One of the researchers said, "People dream about what worried them most during the day, but in a vague and illogical format. We have no reason to believe that animals are any different. Bearing in mind that dogs can become extremely attached to people, then it’s most likely that your pet is dreaming of your face, your smell, and how happy he makes you. Alternatively, your dog may dream about doing something that annoys you."

Humans are not the only things dogs dream about. Many scientists have a lot of other ideas about dog dreams.

One said that dogs might be dreaming about chasing dogs or even burglars!

sleeping puppy

It seems like their sleep patterns are pretty similar to us humans’. Dogs also experience stages of wakefulness, rapid-eye movement (REM) sleep, and non-rapid eye movement sleep. Dogs can also have nightmares, too.

Another interesting fact: For reasons quite unknown, the size of the dog can determine the size of its dreams! Meaning, smaller breeds have shorter but more frequent dreams while larger breeds have longer but less frequent ones.

Dogs spend 50% of their day sleeping and napping. Humans only use 8 hours of their day on average. And because dogs sleep more than humans, this means your canine gets to think about you more! It’s very touching that these affectionate creatures appreciate us humans so much that they can’t get us out of their minds even during sleep.

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