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What is Petcube Care Membership

1. What is Petcube Care membership? What's changed?

Petcube Care got a major upgrade in March 2018. Petcube Care subscriptions still include 3 or 90-day video cloud history, 24/7 pet activity timeline, 30 second video clips, and 2-year device warranty. The big change - membership now also unlocks exclusive savings from pet care partners! Get access to benefits on medical insurance, pet sitting and walking, entertainment to calm and relax your pet, expert advice, and product savings on us.

2. What are partner benefits on pet care?

With membership in Petcube Care, Petcube camera owners will continue to enjoy 24/7 video recording, 30 second video clips, and the 2-year device warranty. Subscriptions now also include members-only perks from some of the best pet care services available for pet medical insurance, pet sitting and walking, vet consultations, audio-visual entertainment for pets, and pet products. Please view the Petcube Care webpage or login to your Petcube account for the current, full list of benefits.

3. What partner benefits can I get access to? Does it vary by plan?

Benefits do vary by plan. Please review the Petcube Care webpage or login to your Petcube account for the most updated list of benefits.

4. I live outside the US. Am I eligible for partner benefits? Will you be offering benefits in countries outside of the US?

Partner benefits are available only in the countries where its products and services are available. Our offer for free trial subscription to RelaxMyDog is available worldwide. Our offers for 30% off Basepaws CAT DNA test kit, and 40-50% off CanvasPop wall art and pillows ship worldwide.

5. Will there be more partner pet care benefits coming?

More exciting benefits for your pet’s health, wellness, and fun are on their way! Subscribe to our emails by scrolling to the bottom of our Petcube Care subscription page to sign up for updates on new perks.

6. Do I need to purchase a Petcube Care membership subscription for my Petcube camera to work?

No! Your Petcube camera will work right out of the box! Petcube Care membership subscriptions are optional and provide extended video history recording to 3 or 90 days, access to longer 30 second video clips, an extended 2-year warranty and partner benefits that can save you hundreds of dollars on pet care. Without a subscription, all Petcube camera owners will get sound and motion-triggered notifications as well as the last 4-hours of video history.

7. What if I have more than one Petcube Care subscription?

Partner benefits are redeemable once per person, regardless of the number of Petcube Care subscriptions you have.

8. Do I get access to Petcube Care membership benefits during the free trial?

Your membership benefits will be accessible after your free trial ends. If you have an extended trial due to a promotion or other purpose, your benefits will kick in after the standard trial period is over.