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Switching Bites 2 Lite to Setup Mode

Start by downloading and installing the Petcube app to your phone either from the App Store or from the Google Play store. Petcube app requires iOS 11 or greater or Android 7.1.2 or greater.

Remove the protective film from the camera lens and power it up using the included USB cable and power adapter somewhere near your Wi-Fi router.

During the setup, Petcube app will automatically detect the Wi-Fi network your phone is currently connected to, so it’s a good idea to make sure you’re connected to the same network you want to hook up the camera to, and have the Wi-Fi password handy as you’ll be asked to enter it shortly.

As long as the LED light is flashing on your camera, you’re ready to enable the setup mode. To do that, press the setup button once above the usb port of the camera until you hear a short jingle and a message saying “Ready to Connect”, and tap “I heard “Ready to Connect” on the screen.

At the top, you’ll see the network that you’ll be connecting the camera to, so tap “Next” to continue the setup and enter your Wi-Fi password or “Change network” if you wish to connect it to a different network. A QR code will be generated on your phone screen. Hold your camera at the 5-inch distance with the lens facing the QR code until you hear a message saying “QR code scanned”, check the box, tap “Next” and wait until you see the screen saying “Setup complete”.

Now you’re ready to use your Petcube Bites 2 Lite.

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