How to view your video history in Petcube Care

It’s easy to access your video history with Petcube Care!

Here’s what you need to do: (1) Launch the Petcube App and (2) Tap on the “Care” icon on the top left of the main screen

Today’s videos should populate automatically on the screen. You can scroll down to get earlier videos.

Tap on “<” and “>” to left or right of of date to change date and respectively move backward or forward in time.

Tap on the “...” next to each video to get options to Delete, Share, or Save the video.

Remember, Petcube Care records videos to the timeline automatically by default. If you would like to deactivate this feature, please review these instructions in article 'How to Turn Off Petcube Care Video History'.

If your Petcube Care is currently set to Sleep mode, you will need to change it to Awake or Quiet in order for videos to be recorded to your video timeline. To do this within the Petcube App, tap on “Care” in the top left corner and move the slider at the top of the screen.

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