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— Gene Ryan Briones
19 Reasons Why Atom the Pug is a Canine Action Star

Meet Atom, a 5-year old pug from Toronto, Canada. But Atom isn't just your ordinary pug. He drives cars, tanks, boats, horses, motorcycles, skateboards. »

— Rachel Youens
10 Struggles Of Doing Yoga Around Your Pet

When real dog meets downward dog, the results can get messy. Here's how pets are interfering with our yoga flow. »

— Tenley Haraldson
8 Famous People with Strange Pets

While most pet parents prefer dogs or cats, some famous celebrities pick strange pets like snakes or lions. Here are 8 famous people with strange pets. »

— Petfeed Team
10 Excellent Instagram Dog Dads

In honor of Father’s Day this Sunday, we’d like to introduce you 10 excellent dogs who often show off their fatherly qualities on Instagram. »

— Gene Ryan Briones
10 Types of Dads and Why They'd Love a Petcube Camera

This Father's Day, give your dad something he will absolutely love. So here are the 10 types of dads and why each of them will love the Petcube Camera. »

— Gene Ryan Briones
14 Reasons to Love Your Pets Even More

Pets are forever friends with infinite benefits. You may not realize it, but your pet is always there for you. Time to recognize your pet’s dedication. »

— Gene Ryan Briones
12 Hilarious Pranks Played on Pets

Pets love tricks, even pranks. We’ve hand-picked 12 hilarious ones because it’s April Fools’ Day. Lower your guard, sit back, and enjoy. »

— Gene Ryan Briones
12 Pets on Instagram That Will Inspire You

Fret not! We’ve picked 12 adorable pets on Instagram that will make you smile and feel inspired. Hit the button below to check out our awesome list. »

— Gene Ryan Briones
12 Dogs That Will Make Your Monday Awesome
— Daria Staverska
Cats and Dogs rocking Donald Trump’s hair

Ever wanted to give your pet a makeover? You will want to Trump your cat or dog immediately after you see these #trumpyourcat and #trumpyourdog photos. »

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