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  • AM
    Al M.

    January 10, 2017

    Functioned as promoted and promised

    Bought this as a gift for my brother and his wife, and it was well-received. Functioned as promoted and promised. They use it daily and have not had any problems, other than connectivity, which was not the device's fault. Worth the reactions from my bro and his wife.
  • K

    January 9, 2017

    I love seeing my pets anytime.

    Really love this. Works well everywhere. We recently took a trip and had a pet sitter stay with the pets. We could check on the pets often and see what was happening at home. Also has night vision which is great in dim light. My pets don't seem to care too much about the laser. It's a great idea and i love seeing my pets anytime. You can also take video or photos of them on your phone from the Petcube play. Highly recommend.
  • N

    January 8, 2017

    I like that you can speak to your pets

    I was very excited to try out the newer edition of the pet cube. The setting up process was easy but it took longer than I expected. It took me 15 mins to finally located the device from my android phone and started working. The laser has slower reaction than I expected (2-3 sec delay) Over all I would rate this device a four star since it does help me to clearly see my pet's status during the day and I like that you can speak to your pets.
  • DM
    Doug M.

    January 8, 2017

    Camera and interactive laser play is a nice touch

    Great product ,just wish the sound wasn’t so distorted on the receiving end of camera. It always has loud feedback, but the camera and interactive laser play is a nice touch.
  • NC
    Nina Camacho

    January 6, 2017

    We caught one of our dog eating tissues out of a tissue box and I turned the audio on and told him to stop!

    The Petcube is so awesome! I recommend it to anyone who has a pet they love and miss when they are away from home. The audio is really clear and my two german shepherd dogs understand everything spoken to them. In fact, we caught one of them eating tissues out of a tissue box and I turned the audio on and told him to stop! He did and he was very puzzled as to how I could see him being mischievous. Its a great way to keep tabs on your pet! Well worth the expense, for sure.
  • AC
    Amazon Customer

    January 5, 2017

    She loves to chase the laser around the room and hear my voice.

    I love my Petcube! It is great being able to watch my puppy at home and know that she is content, comfortable and happy in her room. I love the laser feature and being able to say hello to her. She loves to chase the laser around the room and hear my voice. It breaks up the work day and her day!
  • R

    January 4, 2017

    Such a relief to be able to watch what she is doing while I am away.

    I just received the pet cube that I ordered recently. Delivery was superquick! Set up is so easy. Once you set the app up on your phone, it basically walks you through the set up process. I have a brand-new puppy, this is such a relief to be able to watch what she is doing while I am away. Picture quality is great. Can save videos. I love the audio piece as well. The unit is very small and sleek. I just love everything about this! Thank you so much Pet Cube!
  • C

    January 3, 2017

    Great support!!

    So my cube connected to my wifi but would stay online. I could access every other Device via wifi at home. After a weekend playing with it and contacting Petcube support having be remove and add back in, reset, and trouble shoot a million possible resolutions, I contacted Amazon support. I should have started there. I can send back mine and within 18 hrs after putting in the request they already shipped me a new one. Great support!! Cannot wait to get my new cube.
  • C

    December 31, 2016

    Night vision works perfect

    Great image quality, and the night vision works perfect. Very easy to set up. Love it!
  • AC
    Amazon Customer

    December 28, 2016

    It's great for making sure our cats are ok when we are out of town

    So fun to use! It's great for making sure our cats are ok when we are out of town. I suggest unplugging it when you are home though
  • JW
    J. Weigel

    December 27, 2016

    Highly recommend this for all pet lovers!!

    Awesome camera!! Highly recommend this for all pet lovers!! App works great!
  • E

    December 26, 2016

    The night vision camera is probably the best feature

    Got to watch our four kitties while traveling and/or at work. Overall it's fun, but the audio quality could be better and the same goes for the operation of the laser toy. It's not quick enough or accurate. I worry I am going to accidentally shine it in the cats' eyes and it won't move fast enough away because of this issue. The night vision camera is probably the best feature ... pretty clear and bright. I wish it could easily be turned off/disconnected and reconnected. Instead I have to unplug it entirely when not wanting it to be in use (only reason for doing so is out of being paranoid and not wanting someone to hack in somehow ... maybe silly to worry about since it's on a secure network, but still). If the audio and laser was improved and there was an "disconnect" option just so you can be sure no one is spying in (again, that maybe only my own paranoia), I would give this 5 stars.
  • AC
    Amazon Customer

    December 25, 2016

    It was up and running within a few minutes.

    I have owned the Petcube Play for approximately a month now and have enjoyed every single aspect of it. My girlfriend and I both work 9-5 jobs and have a kitten at home and it has been great to check in on her throughout the day. We have lots of phone playing the laser toy with her and there is also a feature where we can speak to her. Our cat loves being able to hear our voices and also is able to entertain herself with the laser. One of the best features is also the night vision which allows you to easily watch your pet even if the room is dark.My girlfriend and I aren't super tech savvy, but the set-up was super easy. It was up and running within a few minutes. It does get a little glitchy sometimes over slow wifi, however it has never been a major problem. The actual device is sleek and small and does not take up a big amount of space.Easily recommend this to anyone that has a furry creature at home!
  • EE
    Erin E

    December 22, 2016

    Set up is super easy & the functionality is awesome. Highly recommend!

    What a fun, easy solution to find out what your dog does when you're not home. They've combined 'form & function' really well on this model, and the rose gold option is super chic. Seeing my pup look around a little confused as to where my voice or the laser pointer is coming from feels a liiittle sinister, but the joy of being able to interact with her in some capacity when not able to be home more than makes up for it!Set up is super easy & the functionality is awesome. Highly recommend!
  • DR
    Danielle Rieta

    December 21, 2016

    I have used it almost everyday to check-in on our kitties for about 1 year now

    I absolutely love the new night vision feature and the 1080p is a bonus on the Petcube Play! My cats are the most active at night. The night vision feature makes checking in and playing with my cats at night possible when I'm not home. This was especially useful for me when I went on vacation to Paris, France and my kitties were home in San Francisco, California, where the time difference made it impossible to see them without the night vision. I own the Petcube Camera | 720p Video, 2-Way Audio, and Built-in Laser Toyas well and I have used it almost everyday to check-in on our kitties for about 1 year now. Also, the laser pointer is fun to play with the cats, whether we're home or not.
  • CE
    Chris Emery

    December 20, 2016

    Go for it

    There is a noticeable lag that isn't too bad for the camera but the laser is not very responsive or accurate even after "calibrating"If your primary interest is the the camera - go for it. If you really want the laser to play with your pets maybe wait for gen 2.
  • N

    December 19, 2016

    Very sleek and fancy on your shelf

    This is such a great camera for watching your pet if you want a simple user friendly camera made for exactly that reason! I ordered the rose gold and it is a really nice finish while still looking cute! I really love that this is something that not only works well, but is designed to look very sleek and fancy on your shelf. I do wish they had a high gloss white option, but the rose was a really nice surprise!Setup is 10/10 very very easy to do, they really did a good job making it very painless which I appreciate. I have some home security cameras with app features and I wish they were as quick to set up as the petcube.I have 3 cats so I put this in my living room where they like to hang around so that if my friends peep in on my cube they can always spot a cat to give them a little exercise! The audio feature must be very useful for dogs, for cats it freaked them out a little but I think when I go away on vacation next time they will be a little happier to hear my voice! I also helped my mother get the app on her phone and she was thrilled to be able to pop in and talk to my cats or play with them a little.Camera quality is pretty good, although in low light it is lacking. Best for daytime spying!
  • AC
    Amazon Customer

    December 19, 2016

    The laser pointer game is so fun to play, whether in person or on the go.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! I just got the PetCube Play a week ago. I can say that the quality is much better than I expected. I stay the night at my girlfriends house a couple days a week and the night vision is unreal. I can see my kitty "clarence" crystal clear in the pitch black. Also, the laser pointer game is so fun to play, whether in person or on the go. Thanks PetCube for allowing me not to miss special moments while I'm away.
  • SJ
    Scott Johnson

    December 16, 2016

    Great picture and sound

    I wanted to give this 5 stars but there are a few flaws that makes it a 4. While the instructions seem easy, it lacks in trouble shooting the product, BUT customer service is excellent and will easily walk you through any issues. An example is if you need to switch WIFI settings or resetting the cube. There is a small 'button' on the bottom of the cube, what the instructions do not tell you is the button is INSIDE the cube and you need a paperclip to get to it. That was a ding there.The second is the navigation, which I wish was a bit more simplified as I kept getting lost in what choices I needed to set my cube. I also kept running issues into the cube trying to connect to my phone and IPAD- not sure if its a Bluetooth issue on my end or not. My cats did like the laser quite a bit, but it moves too slow in changing direction.And using it on the phone is much different than the pad. Hopefully the new laser calibrations can fix this. Another note is not to test the sound next to the cube or it echos. Go into another room to test the sound if you are talking your pets through the cube.I really think this product is heading in the right direction, but if you are not tech savvy with a phone or tablet, you are going to run into troubleshooting issues and may have to call CS for some additional help.Pluses: Great picture and sound, its tiny, you can turn sound and the laser off, and there is ONE cord. Great customer service. Night feature. You can visit other cubes and make cube friends and share videos and photos.Cons: Not enough information how to trouble shoot or use the cube, laser is different to use on the phone vs the tablet. Navigation on the menu can be confusing.Would I recommend this product. YES. I've already posted on IG about the product and how my 11K+ followers can watch kittens play and our boarding cats mingle around. Just be prepared for a few bumps in the road as you learn how to use this neat camera.
  • K

    December 14, 2016

    Designed really well and works great.

    I love this petcube! This new version comes in a beautiful packaging. I loved the smaller size, with a beautiful design and rounded edges. This model feels very elevated, we can see a lot of detail brought compared to the first version.Set up is pretty quick and easy. The app is the same I used before, everything is still very intuitive.The quality of the camera is quite impressive.
    Being able to zoom in is something that I had been waiting for, and now it is made possible on this improved version.The laser requires a quick setup to calibrate, then it is loads of fun waiting for kitty! Our cat enjoys playing with the autoplay, which allows him to play even when we are busy doing other things. I like this feature because I know he is getting his exercise everyday.My favorite thing is being able to keep in touch with my kitty when away on trips and check on what he is up to.Overall, I think this is designed really well and works great. I highly recommend it.
  • GR
    Genica Reyes

    December 13, 2016

    We love seeing what our pets our up to when we are gone.

    How fun! We recently got a dog named Petunia who is an elder shelter dog we got from Muttville. Our household also has a cat. Petcube was easy to setup on both the device and my phone. After the setup, it is easy to use. We love seeing what our pets our up to when we are gone. Our cat loves the laser feature and it is cool to see him move around at night. I would highly recommend Petcube to anyone who who loves their pet! It is especially great for people who cannot take their fur child to work. My mom and dad love to use it as well.
  • M

    December 13, 2016

    Great video quality and very easy setup

    This is an awesome product. Exceeded my expectations. Great video quality and very easy setup.
  • AC
    Amazon Customer

    December 12, 2016

    Would definitely recommend if you're looking for a camera for you pet!

    I really enjoyed the new updates. I had the original version of the Petcube and can say they did everything better. I would say bigger and better, but the cube is much smaller this time. I like this so that when people come over they do not think they are on camera. I have only used it for a dog, but can see how cats or other animals would be stimulated by the laser beam. Would definitely recommend if you're looking for a camera for you pet!
  • AC
    Amazon Customer

    December 12, 2016

    Such a great product!

    We just received our petcube today!! So far it's great we have two dogs(shih-tzu and lab) and it will be nice to see how they interact while we're gone!! Such a great product!
  • AC
    Amazon Customer

    December 11, 2016

    The video is actually really clear

    It's a cool concept and device for dog lovers! I like that you can use the laser with the dog, talk to the dog (I wish it was slightly louder), and watch what your dog is doing. The video is actually really clear. I also wish there was no subscription price but it's worth it alone to have the added security in case someone broke into your apartment. I also really like the feature where you can go public and play with other people's pets. It's hilarious! Overall, I think it's great.
  • V

    December 8, 2016

    I would highly recommend this to all animal owners

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my new petcube!!! I have sooo much fun playing with my kitties and doggy while I have to be away. It works perfectly and I would highly recommend this to all animal owners who hate being away from their critters.
  • AC
    Amazon Customer

    December 8, 2016

    The picture is crystal clear

    Awesome little gadget - I have a 2 year old cat and she LOVES the Petcube. In fact, when I'm not home, the cat will sit next to the red dot waiting for it to move. The laser pointer will fly around randomly when you are not controlling it. The picture is crystal clear - in fact, in addition to watching my pets, it's handy just to have Petcube as a security device and as a way to connect with family members far away. I have family in the other side of the country and they use the app to chat with me while I'm lounging in the living room.The design is sleek and unobtrusive - it sits nicely below your TV. I've had no problems thus far with setup, WiFi, or connection so far.
  • M

    December 7, 2016

    The best pet invention to date

    Petcube is my new obsession! It's fascinating to see what my dog is up to when I'm not home. As a constant traveler, it's comforting to know I am able check on my companion, play laser with him and talk to him using the Petcube app! Setting up was so simple, took me less then 5 min. Really love the motion sensor setting which allows you to get a notification when big movements been detected. The night vision sensor switches automatically when it senses the light in the room is not sufficient assuring you to always have the best view of your furry pal. This has to be the best pet invention to date. Thank you for this fantastic product!
  • S

    December 7, 2016

    I know my furbabies are safe and happy!

    I love having the ability to see my dogs during the day! Being a pet parent, I always wonder what they do all day at home. Now I can with the Petcube Play! I can watch them play, snooze, watch them try to be sneaky and see what makes them bark whenever something startles them (and being able to try to calm them down is a huge help). It is so small and compact too. I can put it on my mantle to see the entire living room.One of the best parts, I can share photos and video with friends and family! This keeps my mind at ease if I work a long day. I know my furbabies are safe and happy!
  • N

    December 7, 2016

    By far, the very best gift!

    My husband bough this for Christmas and it is a wonderful product! I love being able to check up on our pets while at work or out running errands. It gives me peace of mind and it's fun to play with. One of our dogs goes crazy for the laser and enabling the auto play allows for her to be entertained even when we aren't home. I also love the Care feature- it captures significant movement so even when we aren't viewing we never miss a thing. Our other dog just had surgery so this is a great way for us to keep an eye on her to make sure she's happy and healthy! By far, the very best gift!-Only side note is we bought a signalBooster for our internet. This isn't a negative in the product. The stronger the internet signal the less lag and better the video!
  • AN
    Audrey Neale

    December 7, 2016

    I can keep an eye on him and talk to him, it's great.

    Our dog is alone some times during the day and I wanted to keep an eye on him. This Petcube fits the bill and more. I can keep an eye on him and talk to him, it's great. I'll be giving this as gifts to my pet lovers.
  • D
    Dante L

    December 6, 2016

    I started shooting the laser she went bananas! She loved it!

    This thing is AMAZING! I mean the fact that all i have to do is set it down on the counter and forget about it until i want to check on my pup is awesome! So I toyed with it (my dog is a huge laser so when i started calling her name she looked puzzled but then when I started shooting the laser she went bananas! She loved it! so Now when I'm out and about and I start to miss my Charlie All I have to do is open a app and call for her. AMAZING!
  • M

    December 6, 2016

    Both a security camera and a way to know what is going on with my dogs

    I purchased this camera because it was both a security camera and a way to know what is going on with my dogs. I am sooo happy with this camera!! It's so cool that it has night vision and that I can talk to them!! I could not be more thrilled with this camera!!
  • S

    December 4, 2016

    Far exceeded our expectation

    Omg....far exceeded our expectation, easy to set up. The quality of the camera is amazing, love the smaller size and of course the look of it, It's like looking at my tv. We have the first generation in our upstairs living room and put the new one downstairs in the man cave. I only wish we could have both cameras on one account, had to make an account for my husband. I find myself checking on my husband to see if he's doing my honey doo! I do love using it when we are on vacation with our sitter. The bad thing is I'm so addicted to it that I'm always on it to check on my Harry.This is like a social media for pets. Even though we don't share our live stream, we can see other who share theirs, a lot of shelter share theirs, but they set it so you can't talk or play the laser.
  • HS
    Hammerhead Shark

    December 4, 2016

    Petcube provides excellent customer support!

    This nifty camera does as advertised - allows you to check on your furry friends from a distance. It looks nice and unobtrusive and has a bunch of cool features. Also Petcube provides excellent customer support!
  • C

    December 31, 2016

    Night vision works perfect

    Great image quality, and the night vision works perfect. Very easy to set up. Love it!
  • AC
    Amazon Customer

    November 30, 2016

    The quality of the video camera is awesome

    We just received our PetCube Play this week and so far we LOVE it! We have a cat and a little puppy and feel guilty when we leave them alone for work and play.PetCube Play was easy to set up (less than 5 minutes). The quality of the video camera is awesome. The laser and two way sound features are also pretty cool and we can see these features as a fun way to interact with them when we are gone during the workdays.The motion sensor feature and push notifications when movement or sound is detected are very useful and allows us to check in on them wherever we are.Can't wait to see what the puppy and cat get into when we are away as we use it more :)
  • FB
    F. Berti

    November 30, 2016

    Night vision is very good

    this is a really nice gadget! I love the video quality, the laser is a nice addition but my dog for some reason does not seem to be bothered playing with that. Setting it up is a breeze, really really easy. The main selling points in my opinion (for my case) are ease of use and video quality. Also night vision is very good, better than my previous camera. The app is also very well integrated with the Care service. The few things I would like to see in the future are: 1. Adjust sound and video motion sensitivity (is there a way? I could not find it) 2. Ability to set it to so that it sends videos to your own server via FTP (because why would you have to be forced to pay if you already have a server) 3. Ability to see the movies via browser 4. Possibility to record videos locally in a memory card 5. An ethernet port (sometimes my wireless internet connection dies and I would love to do it via ethernet)I understand that I am splitting hairs here but some of these features would be awesome for my particular needs! Awesome camera though!
  • S

    November 30, 2016

    Great product

    Great Customer Service, They solve the problem quickly. Great product, The camera is very clear, Night vision is clear too. It is awesome.
  • SB
    Siobhan B.

    November 29, 2016

    It took less than 2 minutes to get up and running

    This is a great improvement over the Petcube Camera. The difference between the 720p and the 1080p is night and day. The laser is much more responsive than the original. That was one of the main issues we had with the previous model. With the laser on this one, we can actually play with the dog and have her be able to follow the laser.The setup went smoothly as well. This seemed easier than the first time we did it as the Petcube Camera setup would sometime fail to connect to the app. Here it took less than 2 minutes to get up and running.The sound is good. Usually when we speak through an app or speaker of some sort our dog does not respond. With this, she was trying to get to the camera to see where our voices were coming from.If you liked the Petcube Camera, this is a great upgrade. Well worth the extra cost.
  • G

    November 29, 2016

    Extremely entertaining

    I've always wondered what my pets do while I'm at work all day, so I thought I'd treat myself, and them to a new petcube play. This thing is really cool. Super easy to use, super easy to set up. I love the sleak design. It just works seamlessly. The animals love it too, and it's extremely entertaining to play with them during the workday when I need a little brain break. Overall very well done product.
  • F

    November 27, 2016

    I am always on my phone talking to my 2 puppies

    Since I received it (friday) I can't stop checking my phone. I decided to buy it being recommend it by a friend of me, that use it since the first generation. the set up took litterally 3 minutes and it is the easiest thing to do ever, easier than any other electronic device I might have. Since then it is 100% pleasure! I am always on my phone talking to my 2 puppies (the sound quality is great), they are very responsive which actually surprised me, and love to play with the laser even if they are dogs and not cats. The only point right now (probably because I am too geeky) is that I spend a lot of time watching them, but isn't it our goal with it ;) I recommend Petcube without a doubt! I will now enter the petcube community to discover and exchange pictures of our pets with other pet lovers!!!
  • A

    November 26, 2016

    The 2 way audio and recording feature is handy to capture priceless moments.

    Very nice gadget to keep your pet from day to day boredom while you are away. The night vision option allows you check in on your pet while he is in bed so no more wondering how he spends his nights. My dog was a little weary of the laser at first but eventually got use to it. Setup was a breeze and I was up and running connected to the ios app in less than 5 minutes. The 2 way audio and recording feature is handy to capture priceless moments. In general, I would recommend this to a friend. My only suggestion to the manufacturer is to come up with a portable version where the unit can be removed from the power source for short periods for wire-free placement.
  • J

    November 19, 2016

    It can see even in pitch black

    The camera on this is great! I've finally discovered what my cats are getting up to during the day. The wide angle camera really makes it easy to see the entire room, with high enough resolution to make everything out. Cameras I've used in the past could only view a small portion of the room at a time. And the night vision on this - amazing! It can see even in pitch black. The design is thoughtful - like they used a standard USB to USB-C power connector, so you can even just plug it into your computer or any USB wall plug. The software also has useful functions like the motion sensor, so I can get notifications if my cats are detected running around on the screen. Kinda useful, cause sometimes if I log in they're just in another room sleeping. It's really worth getting the free app itself even if you don't own the camera, since there are a lot of animal shelters with cameras set to public mode, and you can play with their cats using the laser. Quite fun.I was surprised at how easy this was to set up and connect to wifi. It looks like the phone app uses bluetooth initially to find the camera and set up the wifi network connection. The connection is perfectly stable - haven't had to reset it or mess with it ever. Like most wireless devices, probably most people's problems are with their router being old and failing/overheating anyway. The light in front makes it very obvious when it's powered on, and when somebody is viewing it it turns blue. I always worry about security with cameras like this, but the menu options make it very obvious whether or not your camera is set to "public" mode, and which friends/family can view it. I just have my girlfriend on it, and she's been really happy to see our cats while she's away on trips.The laser pointer function is fun. It's a little laggy and moves in short bursts, but my cats still go nuts for it, chattering and stalking the dot. Be sure to go through the calibration setup though once you decide where to place the camera. The microphone and speaker work, but I'm not sure if my cats really recognize it as my own voice, since the speaker quality isn't the best. But it'll get their attention at least. I hope when the treat cam comes out there's some way to integrate these two easily.
  • ED
    El - D

    November 19, 2016

    Our puppy is obsessed with the laser

    We love our new Petcube. We liked our old pet cube, but this one is something else. We needed a second camera for the area of living room that our old one did not cover. Our dog tends to sleep in two distinct areas and no matter where we put out Petcube we could only see her if she was in one of those two places. I didn't think much of the new upgrades in the first place, but they DO make a big difference.1- The new camera lens is much more wider. We switched the new one with our old one in the living room and now we can see the whole living room, versus before that we could only see a limited area in front of the camera.2- The laser moves much faster and more accurately. Our puppy is obsessed with the laser and we have started to use it as a training tool, as she is so laser-driven these days :) It is great to have a faster laser.3- The new app is much better. They have included a number of options that I kept thinking, "I wish I could do".Overall, I am very happy with our new Petcube. The new lens covers such a large area that having our old one as a second camera has become almost pointless.
  • JL
    Jean Laging

    November 19, 2016

    Works great!

    I love the Petcube Play! It lets us communicate, and play, with our cat when we are away. Works great! There's a bit of a time delay in talking but no big deal, really.
  • AC
    Amazon Customer

    November 18, 2016

    My cats love chasing the laser

    The petcube play is a fun, well built product. You could tell it was high quality by the packaging. My cats love chasing the laser and it's nice to play with them even though I'm at work.The only complaint I have about the product is that it was difficult to set up because I had a hard time syncing it to my iPhone.
  • RS
    Robin Schneekloth

    November 16, 2016

    I won't ever have to worry about what they've been up to again!

    I love my new Petcube Play! It's fun to be able to check in on my furry friends throughout the day and play with them with the laser while I'm away from home. Now I won't ever have to worry about what they've been up to again! Thanks PetCube!
  • K

    November 9, 2016

    It looks & works flawlessly

    I do dogsitting and was interested to try out Petcube Play to see if it would work for me. I loved it right away! But let's start from the beginning:The package deserves separate mention because it's very beautiful and informative. I was afraid to be a bit confused, but the main features of the product and vision of the company were described very clearly (I loved their dog adoption initiative) and I got overall feeling of the quality product and the serious approach of the company.The Petcube looks amazing, as a part of room decor. It is important, because it seems it's here to stay :) I managed to turn it on, connect to WiFi and to the app instantaneously. My doggies did not react on the laser (it seems it's huge plus for cats), so I turned it off. But I definitely loved that I can check on them any moment if I need to go out. If I see they feel lonely, I can turn on the microphone and talk to them a bit. First I tried to make screenshots, but then saw I can actually take photos and record videos (they are being saved to the camera roll automatically) - that definitely makes life much easier.And I haven't even mentioned the app! It's a real social network for pet owners. You can share your pics& videos and watch others. As long as you can decide if the videos are private or shared, I am in love with the possibilities.Overall, I recommend Petcube Play to both sitters and pet owners. It looks & works flawlessly and does give you more control during the moments you have to leave your pet at home alone.
  • M

    November 8, 2016

    They can hear my voice through the audio and love interacting with the laser.

    I love my Petcube! Probably a little too much because I'm playing with my cats way too much during the day when I'm gone :)I love the upgraded model with clearer picture and night vision, especially since it is getting darker earlier. My cats really respond to the Petcube, they can hear my voice through the audio and love interacting with the laser. My only feedback would be the laser is still a bit jumpy and hard to see, but I know it is working!
  • AC
    Amazon Customer

    November 7, 2016

    When I'm on the go I get motion and sound alerts sent directly to my phone!

    The new Petcube Play is even better than the original! The Petcube Play has improved video quality, a zoom feature, and the much needed night vision! I've attached some picture taken from the Petcube Play below, one with sunlight, and one in darkness using the night vision feature. The laser and 2 way audio seem to work well as long as you have good wi-fi. The team at Petcube is very nice to work with as well. I love this camera for spying on my foster kittens. When I'm on the go I get motion and sound alerts sent directly to my phone! The Petcube also features private, and public sharing options through their free app availible for apple and android. Overall this is a great camera and I'd fully recommend it!
  • VG
    Valentyna G

    November 7, 2016

    My cats are happy and I am happy to play with them when I am not home

    If you are thinking should I buy it, will my pets appreciate it, will device satisfy my expectations. My answer is yes, yes and yes! Easy to use and install, great camera quality, night vision, my cats are happy and I am happy to play with them when I am not home, share that experience with my family and friends, play with my friends pets, and enjoy seeing and playing with so many cats and dogs!!! Love it!!! I hope you will too :)
  • Tycedi

    November 6, 2016

    Night vision a huge plus

    I purchased the Petcube Play because I wanted a second monitoring device in our house for when we go on short vacation. My wife and I were quite pleased with the previous Petcube product, and we were excited to try the new features of the Petcube Play - predominately the night vision. With previous camera set ups, we could only view our pets and our home during the day, or if we had left a light on.Improvements with this version are definitely worth the upgrade. The set-up on this version of the Petcube is easier than ever. The app gives a short walk through, and then with 2 clicks, you're connected to your home Wi-Fi network.The HD video is quite apparent. The quality of the image and video is much improved! There is no fuzziness to the images anymore, and everything is clean and crisp. After the first day of set up, while I was at work, I was able to catch our new kitty on the table drinking out of water cups that were left on the table (this is her new habit). I quickly turned the sound on through the app and told her sternly to get off the table. She quickly jumped off the table, and attempted to find out where my voice was coming from :)The night vision is a huge plus. The night-vision immediately kicks in when the lights get too low in the room. It works even when all the lights in the house are out. The night vision image is in grey-scale and looks just as clean and sharp as the color video.The only downside so far is that you can only have one Petcube attached to your account. So in order to get this working, I deactivated my old Petcube from my account, activated the new Petcube on my account, and then assigned the old Petcube to my wife's account. We have set each other as friends and have shared our camera's with each other so we have full control of each camera. It's a decent work around, but it would be more convenient to be able to assign multiple cameras to one account.
  • AC
    Amazon Customer

    November 6, 2016

    Night vision is really great feature

    Finally Petcube Play has night vision what is really important for me. I'm travel a lot and time zones are different so night vision is really great feature.I had a previous version of Petcube and really love it. But this one is absolutely fantastic.It is much smaller, it has night vision. Also I like the laser - it looks brighter to me and works more smoothly. Me and my cat are absolutely happy to have Petcube Play. Pictures attached.
  • AC
    Amazon Customer

    November 4, 2016

    The video output is amazing

    LOVED the original petcube so I had to get the new one. This one is awesome! So much lighter and compact and easy to place in tight places (not as bulky) and the video output is amazing as well. Way more responsive and easy to use and hook up to your smartphone! Would recommend 10/10!
  • AR
    Avid Reader

    November 4, 2016

    I can talk to her from work and when traveling

    I purchased the Petcube Play in the Matte Silver through their kickstarter. I received mine recently. It was so easy to set up! I followed the directions. I downloaded the app onto my iphone 6. I plugged in the camera, chose my wifi and put in my wifi password. I calibrated it and edited some of the settings.My cat Misty loves it! I can talk to her from work and when traveling and play the laser game with her. I set it up in my bedroom upstairs. (My wifi is downstairs in an office.) Usually Misty hangs out in my office downstairs until I get home from work, but since I got the Petcube Play, she has been hanging out in my bedroom upstairs waiting for me to get on the app and play with her. :-)I travel a lot so this will be a great comfort to me. I worry about her when I'm gone even though when i travel I have a pet sitter!This is working wonderfully! So easy and so many features! I have the motion detection and autoplay on with the Care Plan and love to go back and watch the videos of my cat playing while I'm gone. The Autoplay at startup feature option has it use the laser to play with my cat once motion has been detected. My cat loves it!I have the Care Plan so videos are saved to that. I can then save the videos to my phone or computer. I can also take photos that are automatically saved to my phone. I have only taken photos in the dark so far. It's fantastic that it has nightvision like that. Sometimes the photos can be grainy due the to poor wifi problems I've been having since TWC switched me to their modem/router/Arias. I need to geek on that a bit and may go back to my Netgear Nighthawk which had exceptional wifi range and strength.I have attached photos taken in the dark with the nightvision. I have also attached a bit of a video to show you how that looks.I can't wait to get the Petcube Bites now.
    Update: 11/10/11 - I notice when I'm talking to my cat through the petcube, she goes up to it looking for me. The only change I would like to see with it is the addition of a tiny phone sized screen that lets her see my face too. She seems to look for me in the front of the petcube.
    Update 12/13/16 - Misty the Cat loves this! She uses it to "call" me every day at lunch while I'm at work. lol. It notifies me of movement, so I go to the app, and there she is. I then talk to her a bit and play the laser game. It's great!
  • DF
    Daniel Fregosi

    November 4, 2016

    The video is very high quality

    The video is very high quality. I was impressed with how you can easily setup and stream to your phone. Great idea for a product. Also, the design is very nice and sleek.
  • AI
    Andrea in Mpls

    November 4, 2016

    I love it and have already referred it to a friend!

    I was very surprised at how much space the camera covers as well as how clear the live feed is from my phone! The night vision option works very well too! My pet looks inquisitively at the camera when I talk to him - he can't quite figure out what is going on. :) The size is perfect and it doesn't look or feel cheap...looks nice on my shelf. I definitely recommend calibrating the laser to make it more accurate. It still sometimes takes a few swipes to get it to go where you want it to, but that's not that big of a deal to me. I tried the motion detection and received notifications that there were some, but when I immediately went to the camera I didn't see anything (my animal tends to sleep in a room outside of the camera view for most of the day). So that part might be really sensitive. All in all, I love it and have already referred it to a friend!
  • AC
    Amazon Customer

    November 4, 2016

    I recommend it for anyone wanting to watch/play with their pets during the day

    I was anxious to receive this and it exceeded our expectations. The sleek design, improved camera with wide angle and night vision are a definite upgrade from our previous version. My dog doesn't care for the laser, but it is a nice feature. The app was easy to install and use. I recommend it for anyone wanting to watch/play with their pets during the day.
  • R

    November 4, 2016

    It's nice to be able to see what your pets are doing, and also talk/listen to them remotely

    Overall, a solid product design and supporting application. It's nice to be able to see what your pets are doing, and also talk/listen to them remotely. The laser pointer works best after being calibrated, but takes some finesse to operate, due to the inherent lag of the internet/internet connection being used. It might be nice to see a virtual joystick in the app to help control it, instead of just finger swipes, but the current version works, and I'm happy with it. The "motion events" are pretty nice. You can be notified when your pet activates the motion sensor, or have the Petcube activate the laser and move it randomly to play for a few seconds.
  • J

    November 3, 2016

    It's a great product

    The Petcube Play is great. The set up was easy and only took 5-10 minutes. I have the original Petcube, so I am already familiar with the software and it works well. My only suggestion to enable a toggle night vision on/off like the laser. It currently turns on automatically as your room gets dark. However, sometimes the room can have one source of light (like a window) that makes it seem like the room is lit up (to the camera), but the rest of the room is dark. Because of that, the camera doesn't enable night vision. It would be nice to be able to toggle on/off night vision like the laser pointer. That being said, it's a great product.
  • A

    November 2, 2016

    I love that it's so small compared to the first one

    the petcube play gives us the biggest thing missing from the original petcube: night vision! this is so helpful when i'm gone for the night or just working late. i love that it's so small compared to the first one and i can definitely see an improvement in picture quality. everything else seems pretty similar to the old one, but i think they made all the right updates for this model.
  • BA
    Byron Atashian

    November 1, 2016

    The improvements on this version make a huge difference

    I bought both versions and the improvements on this version make a huge difference. The wide-angle lens and the night vision make it a much more versatile product that gives you better camera coverage and time coverage in terms of seeing your pet. All of the other great parts of pet cube are still the same, like the built-in microphone and laser.
  • AC
    Amazon Customer

    November 1, 2016

    Give me peace of mind when I am not home

    I purchased my first Petcube in June 2016 and LOVED it. Finally, I could see what my cat Nala was up to all day when I am not home! Not only that, but I could play with her and keep her entertained when she wasn’t sleeping! I had no idea that a product could continue to get even better after you purchased it The team continuously released updates to optimize the app, including adding laser calibration, the ability to capture images/video from your phone, movement/sound detection as well as a zoom feature!When I found out they were coming out with a second generation (Petcube Play), I had to have it. I didnt think I could love my Petcube any more, but I was wrong. The set up process was a breeze the on-screen instructions easily help you connect to your wi-fi network and help troubleshoot any issues that might arise. The new Petcube Play has night-vision, so I can even play with Nala in the dark! The wide angle camera lets me see even more of the room and the enhanced laser shows up more clear on my iPhone. Plus, the smaller size makes it almost unnoticeable on the shelf of my TV stand. As an over-protective cat mom, the Petcube and Petcube Play have helped tremendously to relieve my anxiety and give me peace of mind when I am not home. Whether it be Monday through Friday at my job, out with friends on the weekend or on week-long vacations, knowing I can check-in and play with Nala with just a few taps of my finger puts my mind at ease.
  • E

    October 29, 2016

    Sleek and small

    I love it! It's so sleek and small, and the wide angle of the lens gives great coverage! The image is beautiful, and is still impressive in the dark. I got this to help the eldest of my three kitty boys, as our recent move has him a little out of sorts when I am away at work. So far, all three seem to get a kick out of it. It was very easy to set up, and the companion application is fantastic, too.(My photo shows two of them in the dark. I will be getting a mountable tripod to put it somewhere where they won't mess with it. They were quick to find out where the laser and my voice were coming from. This photo cracks me up.)EDIT:Now that I have a tripod, this camera truly is amazing. The wide angle sees the entire room my boys and I are currently staying in, and the night vision works in total darkness. It gives me wonderful piece of mind. <3