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Petcube Play LED light notifications

The LED light on the front of your Petcube Play tells you about its status.

Steady Yellow — If you just powered your Petcube up, it will show this color while it boots up for up to 30 seconds. If it's steady yellow during the setup, it usually takes up to a minute to complete the registration.

Pulsing Green — setup mode.

Steady White — Online, standby mode.

Pulsing White — Petcube Care™ is active, saving video to your timeline

Steady Blue — Play mode. Be aware, mind your privacy! Petcube is streaming live video at the moment.

Pulsing Yellow — Your Petcube cannot connect to your Wi-Fi network because of an incorrect password. To change your Wi-Fi password, open 'Settings,' go to 'Wi-Fi and' follow the steps on the screen.

Pulsing Orange — Your Petcube is connected to a wireless access point but cannot connect to the Internet because of the security settings on your network. Please make sure your router is not blocking the Petcube with a firewall, MAC address filtering or other security settings.

Fast Pulsing Orange — Your Petcube is downloading the most current software update, which usually takes about 5 minutes.

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