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What is a Petcube Camera?

Petcube Camera is a Wi-Fi home camera for pet owners. It allows them to watch, talk to and play with their pets using a built-in laser pointer toy from a smartphone...

Petcube Play Specs and System Requirements

Petcube Play features: • 138° wide angle view • 720p HD video • 3R class laser buil-in laser toy • 2-way audio • 3x digital zoom • Sound and motion alerts Petcube...

Mobile app compatibility

Petcube app requires iOS 8.0 or greater and Android 4.0 or greater.

Box contents

A sleek 4x4x4 inches aluminum Petcube Camera, 3 ft microUSB cable, 110/240 US plug power adapter with 5V output / 2A current and a start guide.

Laser safety and health considerations

Petcube Camera features a 3R class laser (class 2 in EU) which is used in laser pointers or computer mice and is safe for human and animal eyes. However, it is strongly...

Will my pet play with Petcube Camera?

Petcube is not about the laser alone. You can always check what's going on in your place, talk to your pet, take cute photos and share them with your pet lovers...

Internet accessibility

Petcube Camera has no Internet access and needs to be connected to a local Wi-Fi network.

Will I be able to connect to Petcube if I'm travelling overseas?

Absolutely. As long as your mobile device and the Petcube camera are both connected to the Internet, you can play with your pet through Petcube from anywhere in...

Power supply

Petcube Camera has no internal battery, so it has to stay connected to the power source.


Petcube cares deeply about security, it is our top priority to provide a safe user experience. All the connections are protected with 128-bit encryption, we use...