What level of security does Petcube provide

At Petcube we deeply care about our customers' security. Our engineers continuously improve devices and services protecting your data and your peace of mind.The data transmission is performed via the proven TLS protocol with 128-bit encryption. The firmware distribution is secured via the signed updates. Everything stored on the camera and in the cloud is secured following the best industry practices. The engineers are monitoring the vulnerability reports and new versions of the software components used in our products, and they are updated regularly. Petcube is also performing planned security audits by the independent third-party company with extensive expertise in the domain.

If you are a Petcube customer with security-related concerns, please, contact the support team at support@petcube.com.

We encourage cooperation with external security researchers and appreciate them bringing vulnerability concerns to our attention. If you are a security researcher and believe you have found a vulnerability in Petcube product or service, please contact us at security@petcube.com

We ask you to follow these responsible disclosure rules:

  • To protect customers, the information about security vulnerabilities is published only after fixes are automatically distributed to all connected Petcube devices, mobile applications and services. Keep information about any vulnerabilities you’ve discovered confidential between yourself and Petcube until we have resolved the issue.
  • Provide the necessary technical details, including steps to reproduce and proof of concept.
  • Ensure that customer or corporate data is not affected and the privacy is not violated in any way as a result of your testing.
  • Avoid any interruption or degradation of Petcube services.
  • Immediately stop the activities which legality you have doubts about.

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