Safety and Handling

To avoid injuries or causing harm, read all safety information and operating instructions prior to using Petcube.
• Don’t drop, hit, shake, or tumble your Petcube Play camera.
• Don’t stain, scratch, or otherwise damage the front panel.
• Avoid prolonged direct eye contact with Petcube Play laser.
• Don’t use Petcube Play laser in combination with optical instruments. Note that glasses and some watches have magnifying properties as well.
• Don’t point Petcube Play laser at people. Do not use the laser to guide your pet in any direction that may cause harm to the pet, which includes windows, stoves, etc. Beware that pointing Petcube Play laser at valuable objects may cause your pet to damage or break them.
• Petcube Play is not to be used by minors unless under direct supervision of an adult.
• Don’t expose to liquid, moisture, dust, excessive heat, or naked flame.
• Don’t leave in direct sunlight.
• Prevent the power cord from being walked on or pinched.

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