The LED is pulsing yellow and doesn’t turn white after setup

This problem may occur if you have entered an incorrect password for your home Wi-Fi network during registration. To change it, open the ‘Settings’ menu in the Petcube App, scroll down to ‘Wi-Fi,’ and follow the instructions to setup the connection again. Use the reset pin to press and hold the button on the bottom of your device until the light turns green.

If that doesn’t help, below are a few other possible reasons this could be happening:

1. You are using either an FIOS or Xfinity router or your router might be set up to transmit in WEP encryption mode, which is not supported by Petcube due to security reasons. Petcube works with newer WPA/WPA2 encryption technology that aims to provide stronger wireless data encryption than WEP. We recommend changing security encryption to WPA/WPA2, which won’t require you to reconnect the devices back to the network or change your password. To access your router settings, you may either call your ISP or look at the bottom of your router, it usually has the login and password for the router settings, or call the Petcube Customer Care Team for assistance at 1-844-747-2823 (toll-free within US and Canada).

2. Your router may have some security settings such as a firewall or MAC address filtering that don’t allow Petcube to connect to the Internet. Call your ISP or the Petcube Customer Care Team for assistance.

3. You have a WPS pin on your router, which works like a secondary Wi-Fi password that is not supported by Petcube due to security reasons as it is considered to be a vulnerability on the network. You may call your ISP or the Petcube Customer Care team to resolve this.

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