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Rachel is a professional cat lady who has turned her love of pets into a job and loves to talk about sassy cat style.

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— Rachel Youens
Easy No-Sew Doggy Taco Costume Perfect For Halloween

Taco your doggy south of the border this Halloween with this adorable taco costume that will make both of you hungry! »

— Rachel Youens
DIY Cat Toy: How to Felt Kitty Fur

Ever wondered what to do with all that shed pet hair? Here's a fun craft that gives you a new way to deal with pet fur by felting it into cute crafts. »

— Rachel Youens
Freshen Doggy's Breath With This Easy DIY Dog Mint Treats Recipe

Does your dog love to kiss but have stinky breath? Freshen your pet's mouth with this easy recipe using mint and parsley to make homemade dog treats. »

— Rachel Youens
Would Your Pet Be Ready In A Disaster? 5 Things to Do Right Now

If your home was hit with a flood, hurricane, fire, or other natural disaster, would you be ready? Find out these five easy tips that could save your pet. »

— Rachel Youens
Meet Hurricane Harvey Dogs! Texas Puppies Rescued By SF SPCA

These Texas dogs were flown to San Francisco to make room for animals seeking shelter from Hurricane Harvey. »

— Rachel Youens
Top Tips For Dog Separation Anxiety From Pet Experts

What tips and tricks do the experts use when it comes to separation anxiety? We asked and found out how leading vets are solving this issue. »

— Rachel Youens
10 Surprising Facts About Famous Frenchie, Manny, And His Mom

How does famous frenchie Manny do it all? With this help of his owner and manager Amber Chavez. Meet the person behind this furry superstar. »

— Rachel Youens
These Funny Dogs Were Caught on Hidden Pet Cam

Think your dog is sleeping all day while you're gone? Here's what we caught when we put a hidden pet cam on dogs left home alone. »

— Rachel Youens
9 Special Cats To Inspire Your Instagram Feed

Not every kitty is made alike, but they're all made perfect! These 9 cats prove that no matter how different your body, it's your heart that matters. »

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