Sharing access to your Petcube Camera

By default settings, only you can access the video stream on your Petcube Camera, but you can also share the access to your Petcube with your Family, Friends and anyone who installs Petcube application to their smartphone.
While Family members will have full control of your camera, Friends can only see it as a publicly shared Petcube on the ‘Play’ tab at specifically scheduled times and days. You can also configure the laser and sound availability to your friends.
To share it with family members or friends, open Petcube app, go to ‘Home’ tab, select ‘Sharing’ in the upper right corner, select the suitable sharing option and add another user as Family or Friend.
To delete a user from your Family or Friends list, go to ‘Sharing’ settings again, find their username and swipe it left to ‘Delete’ or ‘Unfriend’.
You can also share your Petcube camera publicly with any Petcube app user by choosing Public sharing option. Schedule the days and time when you would like your Petcube Camera to be publicly accessible, configure sound and laser availability and enable Public Sharing at the top.

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